The Munich based office was founded in 1984 by Dirk Muehlemeier and Peter Scheller. Over the last 18 years they have gradually expanded the practice and in 1989 formed a second company with an emphasis on planning design.

The practice has concentrated on work in Munich and the surrounding areas, as well as in other cities in Germany with commercial office buildings comprising 90% of its work. Within the last 4 years they expanded their field of expertise towards industrial buildings and recently participated in multi- functional projects and competitions with international competitors.

The company established additionally a solid foundation of knowledge and skill in both master planning and project management.

There is a close teamwork with most successful regional and supraregional real estate agencies (Schauer + Schoell, Jones LangLaSalle, Nelson Bakewell, e.g.) as well as with a number of highly trained engineers (HVAC, electrical,e.g.) to match the requirements of its clients and to meet the office`s design philosophy - the approach to find a symbiosis between the technical and creative ambition of architecture and the clients` economic and programme concerns.